Randy Byrd, Partner

Fire Restoration & Rebuilding

Rebuilding after a fire can be stressful and emotional. Beyond the physical loss of property, there are many features and amenities affected. Landscape, pools, hardscape and out buildings can all be affected. We will aid in restoring not only a structure but a home. Rebuilding after a fire is often more difficult than building from scratch. There is clean up, removal of existing structures and even excavating the existing foundation as the extreme heat often damages foundations, pipes and underground utilities. Many insurance companies will have demolition coverage. You want a representative like us there for demo. Strategic demolition can save thousands. We will help you navigate this challenging landscape. 


Phase 1: Demolition and planning


Demolition is the first phase. Often this will have to be done long before construction is approved to make the area safe and secure. 


We will remove all debris in a safe, healthy and compliant way. Demolition in most cases will include removing all foundations and underground utilities to the existing base. Many times burnt trees must be brought down and removed to make the area safe. Erosion control is also very important and required. 


Security and safety is paramount. We can fence and secure the property. If there are existing structure or salvageable property we will secure and insure no further damage occurs. 

FEMA and other municipalities will often want to or even require cleanup be done by them.  Make sure you have us on your team before these important decisions are made. Did you know even if they do clean up and haz mat hauling, you will be responsible for erosion control? This is a huge deal. 

Phase 2: Insurance coordination and compliance


Insurance can be a point of stress. The insurance companies have shown to be very caring and have much compassion in a total loss situation. They may want to settle quickly. I usually see homes are underinsured in our beautiful area. Prices to rebuild start around $325 sqft. Coverage may come up short.  


They also have guidelines and inspections throughout the process. We can help manage the transaction for compliance and to adhere to their requirements with county inspectors, appraisers and adjusters.


IMPORTANT: All homes rebuilt will require to be built to current standards. This included fire sprinklers, thicker walls and under dated insulation requirements. Exisiting foundations even if undamaged will likely require replacement or expense retrofit to today's standards. Call us to discuss.

Phase 3. Construction management-Scheduling


The construction side of a rebuild is unfortunately the easy part. The insurance process can be frustrating. 


It is not as easy as just throwing up lumber and picking out carpet in a fire rebuild. There are many details from planning and architecture design, to material choice and "like kind" decisions based on coverage and what you can prove was in the residence. 


The management is key. In many cases there is such a great loss that subcontractors, suppliers and labor workforce is stretched to an extreme. We pay some of the highest wages to insure we get the best available workers and have consistency. Our job planning and schedule timelines will aid in the project timeframes. This is especially true in large natural disasters. 

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